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  • Echoes of Guitars on, one of the largest Italian websites in the world of music and musical instruments, interviewed the founder of Echoes of Guitars to tell how this fascinating project was born. To read the article directly on the Accordo website click here.

  • Suhr Select

    The Suhr Select series represents John Suhr’s vision of a great custom guitar. These are John’s presentations of instruments that he would personally build for himself with the focus on achieving the optimal balance of beauty, tone and playability. Each Suhr Select instrument was designed utilizing a “form follows function” concept and all of these […]

  • Why buy a boutique guitar?

    Most of our customers are well aware of the various brands of boutique guitars available, but we still get occasional questions asking what constitutes a “boutique guitar” and how its associated price is justified. So, bear with us a second as we go back just a bit. Remember your first guitar? For most of us it probably was […]

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